Street Fighter and Its Surprise for Comic-Con

Some of you avid gamers must be familiar with the legendary game of Street Fighter and they are about to celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. Yes, the game has been around for three decades now – creating its own loyal fan base and avid hardcore fans. It is no surprised if Capcom is planning a surprise (or probably more than one surprise) to celebrate their achievement so far. After all, 30 years aren’t a short time in the lucrative gaming world – and being able to survive all those years say something about the game.


Street Fighter: The 30th Anniversary Plan

You probably have heard about Nintendo Switch launch next March and this Street Fighter game will be included in the release. Well, Capcom won’t say anything for this particular gaming release although they have been leaving clues and curious remarks here and there. The producer of the game, Yoshinori Ono, claimed that the company has some plans in store for the series’ birthday and he believed that everyone will love it – well, at least the avid gamers and loyal fans, that it.


And with the next Comic-Con just right around the corner, a lot of people are sure that Capcom will reveal their surprises during the event. Everyone knows that Capcom has been busy planning several versions of the game, such as the Ultra Street Fighter 2 or the Street Fighter V. And it seems that they have been thinking about having a new character – which will be released for Street Fighter V. But some people say that they aren’t sure that Ono is actually referring to that new character.


Meanwhile, the Ultra Street Fighter 2 has been planned for the Nintendo Switch and it will be a kind of celebration for both the developer and the fans. Is it possible that they are planning to have the PC version for the game? If it is true, that would be super – but then again, don’t hold your horses high in case it doesn’t happen.


Street Fighter and the Other Excitement

Well, whatever Capcom plan is, you can be sure that it is pretty okay – I mean what can be wrong about their plan, anyway? If you still have doubts about their upcoming plan with the legendary game, at least you can expect the other game – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – to have a more fruitful outcome. Let’s wait for the San Diego Comic-Con for the update of the new Street Fighter, shall we?


Township Guide: All about the Buildings

Township is a free city building game developed by Playrix and available online since 2013. This Township guide will talk about what is inside the game and what is the fun of playing this game. You can download this game for free but in the game, you may need to purchase some items using real money to speed up the levels. You will also need some friends in the game to exchange commodities and to get the items you cannot produce.

In Township, you build your own city and it requires you to harvest crops, sell goods, and run facilities. There is also various kind of building and they will be explained in this Township guide.

  1. Barn

The Barn is where you store the goods or products including crops, factory products, materials for buildings, animal produce, and ingots. It will grow bigger and increase its capacities as you build it. You can see the worth of the things and sell it from the barn. This building can be upgraded as long as you have the materials needed. The levels are not determined by your level. The barn usually needs nails, hammers, and paint to build. The amounts depend on how much capacity you want. A Township hack is usually used to increase the capacity of the barn.

  1. Houses

The houses are needed to accommodate the populations of your city. There are 31 kinds of houses in the game and each of them needs certain amounts of materials to build. Some of the houses can be unlocked when you reach certain levels. Some of them are farmhouses, Gabblefront cottage, gambrel, craftsman house, Double-decker, etc. The pending additional population is the sign that you need to build new houses in the city.

  1. Factories

The third building in this Township guide is factories. This is the place where you can produce crops and other goods. In producing certain items, you may need to combine two or more materials, for example, when you make bread. You will need to harvest wheat first and send it to the factory. To build a factory does not need building materials but you will need coins and you have to wait for the construction. If you are too bored of waiting, you can use T bucks to speed up the construction.

There are other buildings which cannot be included in this Township guide. They have their own shapes and functions. You better start playing and experience it for yourself.

Easy Way to Play with Roblox Cheat

Many Roblox players find a devastating time when playing Roblox. Either because they keep losing or simply wish to have more fortunes to buy weapons, items, anything. Many consider using Roblox cheat to assist them. Some of them have been known widely, and some others do not. Allowing using cheat is the way of Roblox to offer more fun its loyal players and lure more people to even play the game in the first place. Next, this article will unveil some of most common cheat that have been used, which could help players, especially beginners, in enjoying more fun in the game.

  1. To get a VIP access easily

Inside a Roblox package, there is an interesting segment called Robloxiaville game. However, to play this game some needs a super VIP access that could only be granted if you have fulfilled certain requirements. Players could attain this access in ease with a Roblox cheat by purchasing the Driver’s License t-shirt by Playrobot for only 20 tix. Furthermore, use it to Robloxiaville game to have a limited super VIP access.

  1. To fly with blocks and bricks

Flying in Roblox should be an easy peasy job, yet some still struggles in doing so. The game allows not only one cheat, but two! Players could fly with blocks by sticking two minuscule white blocks to your characters’ legs upper part. Continue press up and down and your character will fly in no time. Players could also use another cheat to fly with bricks. Assembling bricks in even number from 4 to 8 and place in on top of your characters’ feet under its abdomen. Try walking. You will be able to fly even when you are taking steps by foot.

  1. To earn more Robux

Robux is the main currency in Roblox game, or simply just like your pocket money. Using Robux, you could purchase items or weapons. For newbies, the Robux earned in the early days of the game is low and not much. Hence, they could not buy many things and get desperate before even playing the game. Actually, the game offers a Roblox cheat to overcome it. Players could enter the code “brickmaster5643” to get free 400 Robux when you get Builder’s Club.

The previous series of Roblox hack are found to be useful by Roblox players when they are playing the game. Although, there is still many Roblox cheat that could be utilized to ease the beginners’ play, yet these three have been the favorite tricks to function, not only by the beginners but even those who have been playing the game for such a long time.

The Banner Saga 2 Combat Tips

It is challenging to play the Banner Saga 2. It will not only test your leadership and patience skills in terms of battle, but this game will also test your mettle consistently in the battle of its tense combat. You have to be ready to fight in a combat when you have to escape the Dredge while you are forging across the continent. In a fight, there are many tips which will help you win the battle in this Banner Saga 2 game.

Balance is Important

It is possible in order to get your way to triumph within a couple of early battles in Banner Saga 2, it will be necessary for you to have a dynamic set or tactical options because there are a couple of types of dangerous enemies and also more restrictive scenarios. It can be simple for you to add a perfect mix of archers, warriors, and Varl. Even character that you get has a couple of unique abilities besides that standard attack functions. Oddleif and Trsa are both attackers that have been ranged but Slag and Burn ability of Trsa is very different instead of Rain of Arrows of Oddleif. There are a couple of Warriors that are supported with shield such as Hogun and Mogun that have more defensive ability if compared to ones with spears such as Tryggvi and Folka who are supported by longer melee ranges.

Rook the Leader

The life expectancy of the character is so uncertain so it is difficult for you to always focus on someone that can disappear with one wrong option. It means that there are a couple of players with Rook because their leader comes with the best offensive choice in the game at their disposal. The narrative journey of Allete is stronger in the sequel if compared to her father ability, but in terms of fighting, she is just a normal archer. There is a perfect little ability of Thread the Needle that will hit every enemy in a straight line by doing normal damage and doing bonus armour damage to a couple of targets. But you can compare it to the Mark Prey of Rook. Besides you can damage armour with one hit, you can also attack against the prey that has been marked. If you are positioning it carefully, you can use 5 attacks on a creature out of turn. It is including the attacks and moves that have been taken by your party during their normal phases.


Simcity Buildit Hack for free and no download

The latest Simcity Buildit hack become the most demanded thing for the players. We are really concerning our work to make the cheats recently and we try to release this hack exclusively for you who cannot wait the full-release. We know that Simcash and Simoleons are the most targets in this game. It means that we should use some cheats to get unlimited amount of them as soon as possible. We understand about your need and here we come with the cheats of this game. You are completely free from any charge or cost of Simcity Shop now.

Online hack

The special feature of our Simcity Buildit hack is when you want to use it. For your information, there is no download link available in this page. In other words, all cheats work without tool or downloading the apk. We force you to try the modern method. It is by online system. You just put your username and then fill the amounts and that is all. In the end, you will have the same results as offline tools like trainers or apk. We have improved our hack system, thanks to our hacker team back there that support our move to make this game completely free.

How we made it

Hacking is not as easy as its look. We develop this Simcity Buildit hack for several months. The exact date is two months of testing. We have tried out this hack for more than 30 testers in our team. That was not simple to develop this hack from the scratch. But, our efforts were not just a few words. Today, we did it and directly share the cheats to all players of Simcity Buildit  in the world. We appreciate you who give any feedback after using our hack. So, do not worry to leave a comment down there.


Here are some fresh features of our hack:

  • Online solution without any download and links
  • No malware and survey because it is online hack
  • It works for all platforms and devices including Windows Phone and Mac
  • Undetectable from the EA’s team
  • Your account has been masked with our proxy
  • Daily updates
  • Keep the comment section online in order to get latest feedback from you

All features mentioned above are very beneficial for you who play this game since long time ago. We do not want to stop just in here and that is why we always update our hack no matter what. Last but not least, our Simcity Buildit hack should be your number solution to play this game.

Best Strategic Games You Should Play and Know


There are many types of video games around the game world. It begins with such simple games such as PacMan or Tetris and now, the video games are even more complicated. There are many video games that require a lot of thinking and you need to think carefully when you want to play the game. Strategic games are the ones of the games that cannot be underestimated. This type of games wants the players to understand about the decision that has been in the game and how they should think about their next move. This kind of game also has been the theme for some video games and there are some players that specialize themselves as the expert of the strategic. Those kinds of players try to find the video games that can challenge them in some ways and these are the best strategic games you should play:


  1. Homeworld: Dessert of Kharak

This video game is released on this year by Blackbird Interactive and it is the prequel of the 1999’s Homeworld. The video game has an outer space as the setting. The video game has an interesting storyline. It is about a dying planet named Kharak which is suffered because the factions around the planet and also the unfriendly environment in around the planet. The video game require the player to deal the problems in Kharak and one interesting point, the game is real-time video game which surely manage the player to observe the game well.

  1. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

It is a bit similar with the previous video game that the game is a real-time video game. As the game is released by THQ in 2004, the video game receives warm attention among the players. The game is heavily related with military science fiction where the players need to choose the four armies in the video game such as Space Marines, the Eldar, The Orks, and The Chaos Marines. The players are invited to solve the dispute between these fractions and this brings the great attachment for the players to keep playing the video games. This is truly one of the best strategic games you should play.

  1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Accompanied with astounding graphics, the video game can be regarded as one of the best strategic games you should play. The video game is out in July 2010 and it continues the legacy of StarCraft which has huge attention from the players. The video game respectively creates another path of success among the game world.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack Gems and Coins Tool


This post will explain about Pixel Gun 3D hack gems and coins tool for those of you as there are a couple of requests about this entertaining game. Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best game that has been released last year. This game gains its popularity across all of the platforms and for those of you who never play it before; you have to download this game. This game is very addictive like Minecraft. This game is a shooting game that you can play with your friends online or you can use cheat tool in order to play this game in a single player mode. There are a couple of new things that you can learn from this game.

It is very crucial for you to have enough resources in this game. For those of you who have enough gold or money it is a huge opportunity for you to win the game. There is no challenger that can beat you on this game. It is difficult for you to collect those resources in this game. So for those of you who want to get more money, gold and also infinite health, you just have to try Pixel Gun 3D hack gems and coins tool. One feature that is very helpful is limitless gold feature. Gold can be added as much as you want for free. It is important for you also to have infinite health. You can get infinite health for free by using this Pixel Gun 3D hack tool.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tutorial

If you want to access the Pixel Gun 3D, you have to click the start button. After that you will go to the social media page. After you have done with those steps, Pixel Gun 3D hack gems and coins tool can be accessed online. And then it is the perfect time for you to enter coins and gems that you want with premium weapons. Generate button should be tapped. That is it! You have to login into your device and all of the details should be verified.

Those methods that have been mentioned above can be used in order to generate resources for this game. If you search hack tool of this game on Google, you will find a couple of websites that you the tool should be downloaded. It is not recommended for you to not to download this tool from those sites because all of them will be virus.

Hitman 6 Strategy Guide


Hitman 6 is very difficult game to play, even for those of you who have experienced to play this game before. Every location is filled with a couple of things that you have to learn and understand, so this article will give you a couple of tips for beginner out there in order to help you win the battle.

Calm Down

To play this Hitman 6 game, you never ever to think rush. You probably think that running to a particular section of the map or smashing into a couple of strangers does not matter, it really does. The real fact is that everything that you do can result suspicion if you do the action too fast, so you have to take your time. You have to think twice every time you do the action, so you do not want to do the suspicious action in front of the wrong person. They will think that you are weird person and they will turn on the alarm.

Use Chances

For those of you who are beginners to this game, this experience will be very intimidating for you. Even though the tutorial of the game will help you to a couple of extent on how this game works, there is a sense of doubtful when you get to your first mission on the first location which is in Paris. Opportunities are the perfect thing for this time. You are allowed to follow particular points in order to do the action. You will not only get the signs where you will be next mission, but also a better knowledge of the game rules. You probably will still get confused but you also have to execute the target that has been chosen, but there are a couple of prompts and guides on the screen which makes sure that you do not get frustrated and confused an throw the controller to the floor.

Understand the Map

There are a couple of ways that you can do in order kill your target in this Hitman 6 game. It means that will have a couple of plans in order to execute your target in terms of timing and the place that have chosen. You have to take your time in order to learn the map and your neighbours before you are ready to rock and roll. Take the map and learn more about the path and areas to find the perfect area to kill your target.


Free Pokemon Go Hack For Free Pokecoins

Pokemon go hack

At this post, you will not get the explanation about this Pokemon Go game, but it is about an incredible tool of free Pokemon Go hack which has been created to go through this game. You have to consider that this game is free to play, but this game provides you in game purchases. A couple of in game purchases is good if you want to be the best trainer of Pokemon around. It is boring to spend a lot of money in game purchases. You need Pokecoins that you have to apply for this game, so that there is free Pokemon Go hack tool which can be used in order to produce the unlimited Pokecoins by using this tool.

This is very amazing. You can be able in order to produce a lot of Pokecoins that you want for free and you do not have to create an account. Besides that you also do not have to download a couple of additional files. There are a couple of sites which are willing to copy this method but they are failed to do that. You usually have been charged for their services and you will be scammed with downloading a couple of content from their sites in order to allow you apply their fake tool of Pokemon Go hack.

Easy To Use

This incredible free Pokemon Go hack tool in order to produce Pokecoins in Pokemon Go is very easy to use. You just have to use a stable internet connection, an email address, and also a web browser. Once you are entering a couple of Pokecoins that you want to produce, they will ask you about your email address which you are using in order to use your Pokemon go cheats. After a couple of minutes the exact amount of Pokecoins that you want will be transferred by using this amazing free Pokemon Go hack tool to your account of Pokemon Go cheats.

You can use this free Pokemon Go hack tool every single day and you can become one of the greatest trainers of Pokemon in this planet. Being a Pokemon trainer is the new experience that you cannot imagine when you were a kid. Nowadays, you can use your iOS device if you want to take Pokemon that is located in front of you and they can be searched around you in real time. You without further ado, let’s enjoy this free Pokemon Go hack tool.

Clash Royale Hack No Survey with Complete Tutorial

clash royale hack versus

Clash Royale hack no survey is the compatible hack cheat for all the Clash Royale. It is mostly searched, downloaded, and even used by the people in all ages. It does not matter how old are you, what kind of gadget that you use for playing Clash Royale, or the intention of yours in playing the game, this hack tool is something that has been hoped for by the people. That is why there are also lots of people who are trying to interrupt the players to download the game cheat which is not trusted at all.

How Clash Royale Hack No Survey Works

Clash Royale cheat trick can be gotten for free. No need to waste loads of money that makes you got nagged from your mother, and you do not need to spend another hours and days to gain level and open the chests immediately without waiting. You can say goodbye and have a proper farewell for your stuck level because you can have the direct shortcut to the next level and even beyond that. Moreover, you can get additional and more bonuses that can replace what you have in your current level.

People can have some trials on Clash Royale hack no survey because the players are much helped with the simplified version of the Clash Royale hack tool and hack cheat. As they do not have to do some strange surveys that require a few minutes, the hack of Clash Royale makes the people feel secured of harassing their mobile phone. How does this hack tool work? Find out all of the steps and other information as follow.

Clash Royale Hack No Survey Steps in Usage

The usage of the Clash Royale hack no survey can be said as the perfectly usage whenever all the players have been successful in using this hack. By visiting directly to the web of hack tool for Clash Royale, there are some options of the links in case one of them does not work. Then fill all the requirements columns like the account ID, username, the number of coin or gold, and the number of gems as well. This last step might take some time as they have to send off the prizes right into your account. This is the simplest, the easiest, and the fastest hack steps that the writer herself has ever heard especially about Clash Royale hack no survey.

Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks, Tactics And Tips For Novices

To ease your deploy into the huge world, these some helpful Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks and tips will help you out to start the game. If you don’t know what to do next after you just downloaded the game, lots things in this tips can guide you to survive the huge world.

Order And Chaos 2 Redemption

Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks To Choose Classes

There are different types of races you can choose as your character including Human, Mendel, Elf, Orc, and Kratan. There will be a huge difference with the choice of classes that causing impact to your playing style. Make sure you make experiment a bit with each class. If you like to battle as tough melee fighter that fight with brutality but slow, you can choose Warrior. If you want a more light weight fighter, Ranger can do more damage per second and best attacking from a distance. If you want a little magical, Mages can cause damage over huge areas though are weak in physical fight. If you are experienced gamer, you can choose Blood Knights though with quite tactical plan as they unleash their attack by feeding on their own health. Keep these Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks in mind when choosing character.

Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks To Familiarize With Controller

You can move your character by tapping area you want it to be. But it is best you control it using the floating joystick. This is more effective way though you might not see where your destination. Make sure you understand the ability of your character and use it according to its purpose. When you are fighting several enemies at the same time, it is best you use an area attack. If you worry about getting lost, These Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks will help you navigate by activating quests. There will be a trail you can follow when you tap on the quest name. There are side quests you can pick besides the story quests. You can kill some kind of monster or collect items in these missions. If you do not know what to do, try these really quick and easy quests.

Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks About In-App Purchase

Buying any in-app purchases is not your best solution to complete missions. You do not need to pay anything to get all things done. You can also get much fun by joining a guild. Do this as soon as possible to win more. It makes a substantial difference playing alongside other players. Keep with these Order And Chaos 2 Redemption Tricks and you will be fine completing missions.

Getting Boom Beach Hack Review from Game Forums


It will be better for you to read Boom Beach hack review before you download the hack tools. There are many people try to find the hack tools of Beach Boom game from the internet. It happens because this game is very popular nowadays. Many people install and play this game in their devices. It is a multiplayer strategy game that will enable you to challenge and battle with another player through the internet. The game is developed by Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans, a very well-known multiplayer strategy game. Just like the Clash of Clans, you need to build, upgrade, and attack in Boom Beach game. Surely finding a hack tool for this game will give you an easy way to win the battle against your opponent.

You will be able to find many websites that offer the Boom Beach hack tools. But before you download the hack tools, you should know the Boom Beach hack review that is provided in that websites. You can simply read the comment column in the above of the page to read the comments from the people who already downloaded the hack tools from the website. If you find that there are many positive comments about the hack tools, you can download it. But, if you cannot find any comments about the hack tools in the website page, it’s better for you not to download the provided hack tools. If you try to download the hack tools, it may be ended for you to completing some surveys or you get the wrong APK that may be harmful for your device.

There are also some websites that have positive comments about the hack tools in their websites but the comments are made by the owner of the websites using their others email accounts to deceive the visitors. It can be dangerous too. To get the better way of getting the hack tools for Boom Beach game, it will better for you to visit any game forums rather than visits any websites. In the game forums, there are many discussions about the hack tools of Boom Beach game. The members of the forum share their experiences in downloading and using the hack tools. Sometimes they also give you the link to download the proper hack tools that truly work. Getting Boom Beach hack review from any game forums will avoid you to download any harmful APK or visit any scam websites.

Game Of War Fire Age Tricks And Strategies For Playing Easier

Game of War Fire Age

Here are Game of War Fire Age Tricks to help you play efficiently. Strengthen your own stronghold and test your limits with this mobile online role playing game. Game of War: Fire Age is fun and popular MMORPG games similar to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North where you have to manage your town, soldiers, resources, buildings and many more while you are attacking and defending against other players.

Game of War Fire Age Tricks For The Game Basics

These tips will help you into the game’s basics especially for less experienced players. In Game of War: Fire Age, You should build offensive and defensive supports such as barracks and armies. You are recommended to join alliance with others. This Game of War Fire Age Tricks is important as you will be able to help each other in battle and share resources to complete tasks. If you are the type of playing alone and prefer to raid others, the game lets you attack each other and receive rewards in the form of extra resources.

Game of War Fire Age Tricks To Join A Local Union

When playing the game, it is best to not play alone. Having alliances with other players would make dealing with enemies easier. This will provide you support when you are in serious situations so pick the right options. It will also make the construction of buildings faster if you have alliance. Make sure you always check the Alliances menu so you know the objectives have been doing by your allies to return the favor. This Game of War Fire Age Tricks will let you get more gold from the more loyalty points you get from helping your alliances. More gold means more powerful armies you can make.

Game of War Fire Age Tricks In Resource Fields

After building up a considerable, strong army, check your map and find resource fields to capture them. If you see some other unoccupied fields, you should also check them and capture. There are various resources available in the game, make sure you capture field that generate resources you lack of. Capturing field is interesting since captured area is not permanently occupied. Send the troops there and let them harvest it. Capturing troops will automatically return home bringing the loot when they get to maximum capacity. Keep this Game of War Fire Age Tricks in mind so you will never run out of resources during your time playing the game.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies And Tactics For Beginners

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Remember this Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies to get started on your quest. It is difficult to succeed in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. as players take journey through the world, they will need to learn many things since they will immediately battle the four nations of Orience. Bring these four nations peace as you begin your journey with the basics you need to win in the massive RPG. Keep this tactics in mind to help you survive in the game.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies In Picking Difficulty

When starting Type-0 HD, picking difficulties is very important. You can choose between three difficulties. Cadet and Officer are easier and basically the same. Agito is the hardest difficulty level where enemies can max out mastery levels in 30 different kinds. The level spans in a fixed time allowing players to become stronger than their enemies by grinding and leveling up higher. The Officer difficulty offer more rewards and unlocks and there is no Agito’s harder enemy levels so this Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies is strongly suggested if you play for the first time. But, a harder difficulty offers a variety of rewards and additional benefit in every completed mission which makes Agito is perfect if you are expert. Start the highest level if you understand the mechanics and comfortable to play harder.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies To Choose Character

The character you get pleasure from playing the most is the best choice in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies. Health, damage, magic use is some areas where certain characters have better statistics than others. You want to splurge the most time with the character with the type that suits your play style. It will be easier to use Rem since he uses a dual sword melee style it will be harder to use character with a low amount of health and ranged weapons such as Ace. Each character has its own abilities so check the recommendations given before you take a mission.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies To Choose Abilities

It is truly up to you choosing abilities just like choosing characters. Some abilities have better statistic than others but you will do well with abilities that fit your play style. So, it is important to explore abilities that suit your play style. Consider choosing passive and simple skills that suit your characters for the start such as Twinspell, Accelerate, Slipstream, Untouchable and Combo Bonus. This Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Strategies is your best bet to enjoy and win the game.