Best Strategic Games You Should Play and Know


There are many types of video games around the game world. It begins with such simple games such as PacMan or Tetris and now, the video games are even more complicated. There are many video games that require a lot of thinking and you need to think carefully when you want to play the game. Strategic games are the ones of the games that cannot be underestimated. This type of games wants the players to understand about the decision that has been in the game and how they should think about their next move. This kind of game also has been the theme for some video games and there are some players that specialize themselves as the expert of the strategic. Those kinds of players try to find the video games that can challenge them in some ways and these are the best strategic games you should play:


  1. Homeworld: Dessert of Kharak

This video game is released on this year by Blackbird Interactive and it is the prequel of the 1999’s Homeworld. The video game has an outer space as the setting. The video game has an interesting storyline. It is about a dying planet named Kharak which is suffered because the factions around the planet and also the unfriendly environment in around the planet. The video game require the player to deal the problems in Kharak and one interesting point, the game is real-time video game which surely manage the player to observe the game well.

  1. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

It is a bit similar with the previous video game that the game is a real-time video game. As the game is released by THQ in 2004, the video game receives warm attention among the players. The game is heavily related with military science fiction where the players need to choose the four armies in the video game such as Space Marines, the Eldar, The Orks, and The Chaos Marines. The players are invited to solve the dispute between these fractions and this brings the great attachment for the players to keep playing the video games. This is truly one of the best strategic games you should play.

  1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Accompanied with astounding graphics, the video game can be regarded as one of the best strategic games you should play. The video game is out in July 2010 and it continues the legacy of StarCraft which has huge attention from the players. The video game respectively creates another path of success among the game world.