Game Of War Fire Age Tricks And Strategies For Playing Easier

Game of War Fire Age

Here are Game of War Fire Age Tricks to help you play efficiently. Strengthen your own stronghold and test your limits with this mobile online role playing game. Game of War: Fire Age is fun and popular MMORPG games similar to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North where you have to manage your town, soldiers, resources, buildings and many more while you are attacking and defending against other players.

Game of War Fire Age Tricks For The Game Basics

These tips will help you into the game’s basics especially for less experienced players. In Game of War: Fire Age, You should build offensive and defensive supports such as barracks and armies. You are recommended to join alliance with others. This Game of War Fire Age Tricks is important as you will be able to help each other in battle and share resources to complete tasks. If you are the type of playing alone and prefer to raid others, the game lets you attack each other and receive rewards in the form of extra resources.

Game of War Fire Age Tricks To Join A Local Union

When playing the game, it is best to not play alone. Having alliances with other players would make dealing with enemies easier. This will provide you support when you are in serious situations so pick the right options. It will also make the construction of buildings faster if you have alliance. Make sure you always check the Alliances menu so you know the objectives have been doing by your allies to return the favor. This Game of War Fire Age Tricks will let you get more gold from the more loyalty points you get from helping your alliances. More gold means more powerful armies you can make.

Game of War Fire Age Tricks In Resource Fields

After building up a considerable, strong army, check your map and find resource fields to capture them. If you see some other unoccupied fields, you should also check them and capture. There are various resources available in the game, make sure you capture field that generate resources you lack of. Capturing field is interesting since captured area is not permanently occupied. Send the troops there and let them harvest it. Capturing troops will automatically return home bringing the loot when they get to maximum capacity. Keep this Game of War Fire Age Tricks in mind so you will never run out of resources during your time playing the game.