Hitman 6 Strategy Guide


Hitman 6 is very difficult game to play, even for those of you who have experienced to play this game before. Every location is filled with a couple of things that you have to learn and understand, so this article will give you a couple of tips for beginner out there in order to help you win the battle.

Calm Down

To play this Hitman 6 game, you never ever to think rush. You probably think that running to a particular section of the map or smashing into a couple of strangers does not matter, it really does. The real fact is that everything that you do can result suspicion if you do the action too fast, so you have to take your time. You have to think twice every time you do the action, so you do not want to do the suspicious action in front of the wrong person. They will think that you are weird person and they will turn on the alarm.

Use Chances

For those of you who are beginners to this game, this experience will be very intimidating for you. Even though the tutorial of the game will help you to a couple of extent on how this game works, there is a sense of doubtful when you get to your first mission on the first location which is in Paris. Opportunities are the perfect thing for this time. You are allowed to follow particular points in order to do the action. You will not only get the signs where you will be next mission, but also a better knowledge of the game rules. You probably will still get confused but you also have to execute the target that has been chosen, but there are a couple of prompts and guides on the screen which makes sure that you do not get frustrated and confused an throw the controller to the floor.

Understand the Map

There are a couple of ways that you can do in order kill your target in this Hitman 6 game. It means that will have a couple of plans in order to execute your target in terms of timing and the place that have chosen. You have to take your time in order to learn the map and your neighbours before you are ready to rock and roll. Take the map and learn more about the path and areas to find the perfect area to kill your target.