Street Fighter and Its Surprise for Comic-Con

Some of you avid gamers must be familiar with the legendary game of Street Fighter and they are about to celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. Yes, the game has been around for three decades now – creating its own loyal fan base and avid hardcore fans. It is no surprised if Capcom is planning a surprise (or probably more than one surprise) to celebrate their achievement so far. After all, 30 years aren’t a short time in the lucrative gaming world – and being able to survive all those years say something about the game.


Street Fighter: The 30th Anniversary Plan

You probably have heard about Nintendo Switch launch next March and this Street Fighter game will be included in the release. Well, Capcom won’t say anything for this particular gaming release although they have been leaving clues and curious remarks here and there. The producer of the game, Yoshinori Ono, claimed that the company has some plans in store for the series’ birthday and he believed that everyone will love it – well, at least the avid gamers and loyal fans, that it.


And with the next Comic-Con just right around the corner, a lot of people are sure that Capcom will reveal their surprises during the event. Everyone knows that Capcom has been busy planning several versions of the game, such as the Ultra Street Fighter 2 or the Street Fighter V. And it seems that they have been thinking about having a new character – which will be released for Street Fighter V. But some people say that they aren’t sure that Ono is actually referring to that new character.


Meanwhile, the Ultra Street Fighter 2 has been planned for the Nintendo Switch and it will be a kind of celebration for both the developer and the fans. Is it possible that they are planning to have the PC version for the game? If it is true, that would be super – but then again, don’t hold your horses high in case it doesn’t happen.


Street Fighter and the Other Excitement

Well, whatever Capcom plan is, you can be sure that it is pretty okay – I mean what can be wrong about their plan, anyway? If you still have doubts about their upcoming plan with the legendary game, at least you can expect the other game – Marvel vs Capcom Infinite – to have a more fruitful outcome. Let’s wait for the San Diego Comic-Con for the update of the new Street Fighter, shall we?