The Banner Saga 2 Combat Tips

It is challenging to play the Banner Saga 2. It will not only test your leadership and patience skills in terms of battle, but this game will also test your mettle consistently in the battle of its tense combat. You have to be ready to fight in a combat when you have to escape the Dredge while you are forging across the continent. In a fight, there are many tips which will help you win the battle in this Banner Saga 2 game.

Balance is Important

It is possible in order to get your way to triumph within a couple of early battles in Banner Saga 2, it will be necessary for you to have a dynamic set or tactical options because there are a couple of types of dangerous enemies and also more restrictive scenarios. It can be simple for you to add a perfect mix of archers, warriors, and Varl. Even character that you get has a couple of unique abilities besides that standard attack functions. Oddleif and Trsa are both attackers that have been ranged but Slag and Burn ability of Trsa is very different instead of Rain of Arrows of Oddleif. There are a couple of Warriors that are supported with shield such as Hogun and Mogun that have more defensive ability if compared to ones with spears such as Tryggvi and Folka who are supported by longer melee ranges.

Rook the Leader

The life expectancy of the character is so uncertain so it is difficult for you to always focus on someone that can disappear with one wrong option. It means that there are a couple of players with Rook because their leader comes with the best offensive choice in the game at their disposal. The narrative journey of Allete is stronger in the sequel if compared to her father ability, but in terms of fighting, she is just a normal archer. There is a perfect little ability of Thread the Needle that will hit every enemy in a straight line by doing normal damage and doing bonus armour damage to a couple of targets. But you can compare it to the Mark Prey of Rook. Besides you can damage armour with one hit, you can also attack against the prey that has been marked. If you are positioning it carefully, you can use 5 attacks on a creature out of turn. It is including the attacks and moves that have been taken by your party during their normal phases.