Township Guide: All about the Buildings

Township is a free city building game developed by Playrix and available online since 2013. This Township guide will talk about what is inside the game and what is the fun of playing this game. You can download this game for free but in the game, you may need to purchase some items using real money to speed up the levels. You will also need some friends in the game to exchange commodities and to get the items you cannot produce.

In Township, you build your own city and it requires you to harvest crops, sell goods, and run facilities. There is also various kind of building and they will be explained in this Township guide.

  1. Barn

The Barn is where you store the goods or products including crops, factory products, materials for buildings, animal produce, and ingots. It will grow bigger and increase its capacities as you build it. You can see the worth of the things and sell it from the barn. This building can be upgraded as long as you have the materials needed. The levels are not determined by your level. The barn usually needs nails, hammers, and paint to build. The amounts depend on how much capacity you want. A Township hack is usually used to increase the capacity of the barn.

  1. Houses

The houses are needed to accommodate the populations of your city. There are 31 kinds of houses in the game and each of them needs certain amounts of materials to build. Some of the houses can be unlocked when you reach certain levels. Some of them are farmhouses, Gabblefront cottage, gambrel, craftsman house, Double-decker, etc. The pending additional population is the sign that you need to build new houses in the city.

  1. Factories

The third building in this Township guide is factories. This is the place where you can produce crops and other goods. In producing certain items, you may need to combine two or more materials, for example, when you make bread. You will need to harvest wheat first and send it to the factory. To build a factory does not need building materials but you will need coins and you have to wait for the construction. If you are too bored of waiting, you can use T bucks to speed up the construction.

There are other buildings which cannot be included in this Township guide. They have their own shapes and functions. You better start playing and experience it for yourself.